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The editors of the prestigious magazine addressed to middle and senior managers of
automotive companies in Poland will present:

  • ranking of automotive companies
  • recommended suppliers
  • the best communication departments
  • managers of success


The event figures

We have effectively blended the automotive industry for 12 years.
Every previous event gathered 120-190 participants representing 70-120 companies.
Potential buyers and suppliers have already participated in nearly 3000 business talks.


The event comprises a conference part, providing a proper introduction, as well as product exhibitions (held by both buyers and suppliers) and business talks enabling new contacts to be established. The event is wrapped up by a special banquet allowing the participants to continue unofficial talks and build personal relationships.

Participation benefits

It is by far the largest event of this type in Poland. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet so many managers and directors as well as representatives of purchasing, quality or sales departments at the same place and time. It also allows the participants to establish new relationships and strengthen those they have already built.

Target group

The event addresses companies supplying products and services for the automotive sector, namely OEMs, suppliers and sub-suppliers, and especially companies searching for business partners.