The exhibition will be open for 2 days (18-19.06.2015)

Auto Forum Suppliers Day is an excellent place to establish business contacts. Participants of the event can also hire exhibition booths.

Among the exhibitors:
– Tier 1 suppliers
– Tier 2 suppliers
– Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
– Service providers

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The parameters of stand
Floor plan / List of exhibitors
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 No. Company Profile
1 Toyota Manufacturing of engines and gear boxes. Looking for direct and indirect suppliers mentioned in enquiries.
2 Nexteer Manufacturing of steering systems. Looking for suppliers mentioned in enquiries.
3 VW Passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicle manufacturer. Looking for suppliers of complex products, who are able to develop products.
4 Faurecia European seating division. Manufacturing of seats. Looking for suppliers mentioned in enquiries.
5 Honda Cars manufacturing. Looking for suppliers of products mentioned in enquiries, with experience in cooperation with other OEMs in the automotive industry.
6 Jonson Controls Manufacturing of seating systems. Looking for suppliers mentioned in enquiries.
7 Sitech Manufacturing of seating systems. Looking for suppliers mentioned in enquiries.
8 GKN Driveline Manufacturing of driveline systems. Looking for suppliers mentioned in enquiries.
9 Invenio QD Supplier of services in the area of quality control and rework, outsourcing of engineers.
10 Bej-Pol Supplier of precise metal parts made in different processes.
11 Humbach Supplier of metal products: technical springs, milled, turned and stamped parts.
12 VIA Supplier of surface treatment.
13 Takoni Supplier of rubber, bi-component parts (rubber-metal) including large sized products. Technology: injection, pressing, punching and ancillary processes.
14 AHK Polish German Chamber of Commerce. Supplier of different services for automotive companies.
15 Materialise Supplier of metal milled, turned parts. 3D printing in metal and plastic, plastic sintering. Rubber components, alluminium castings.
16 TR Fastenings Supplier of metal and plastic fastening systems and processes as cold forging, turning.
17 Paul Craemer More information soon
18 LGI Logistics Suppliers of logistic services.
19 Tevema Automotive Suppliers of wide range of springs and different technology: spring coiling, tempering, hardening, stamping, deburring&polishing, spring ends grinding, shot-peening,powder-coating, springs testing, toolshop (tool design, construction and maintenance.
20 Swildens B.V. Supplier of valves, bearings, gears, springs, brake discs Electric/electronic: cable harness, coils, circuits, electronic assemblies, electromechanical assemblies. machining, turning, forming, pressing, stamping, forging, blanking, sintering, grinding, extrusion, injection moulding, aluminium casting, aluminium HPDC, iron casting, nodular cast iron, gravity casting, die casting, zinc casting.
21 OMAG Supplier of services as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, thermochemical treatment, welding, wet and powder painting.
22 Stokvis Tapes Supploers of solutions needed In the area of noise level reduction, sealing materials, adhesive materials, anti damping parts.
23 EXCOR More information soon
24 PIAP Supplier of automations and robotics solutions.
25 Log-Tech Supplier of containers for special usage and metal pallets to transport and store automotive parts.
26 AC S.A. More information soon
27 Quality Systems Supplier of quality contro land re-work.
28 Fair Packaging Supplier of packaging systems.
29 Jaeger Supplier of rubber, metal-rubber, bi-component parts (rubber-metal, rubber-plastic).
30 DS Smith More information soon
31 FANUC Supplier of robotics and automation.
32 IceTech / VUHZ More information soon
33 TECHMET Supplier of manufacturing machines solutions, robotics, assembling workplace.
34 Renishaw Supplier of industrial metrology, position encoders, geometry software and services, additive manufacturing.
35 PRESS-COMP Supplier of robotics and automation.
36 TIZ Implements More information soon
37 RapidFit+ More information soon
38 CAT LC A leading automotive logistics company, offering tailored-made solutions for individual customers’ needs.
39 GRAFORM More information soon.
40 Edison More information soon