Potential buyers are representatives of vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. Among the invited are: Volkswagen, Toyota Boshoku, Wabco, Sitech, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Sanden, DAF Trucks and others.
We are seeking collaborators in different areas.
Business talks are for registered participants of the event.
We would like to remind you that a principle for participation in Business Talks (B2B) is sent COMPANY PROFILE via @mail.
Please indicate in the company profile the number of request and the items which you are interested in. It will help us to match potential partners.

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Regarding to buyers’ wishes we’d like to present partial list of needed products and services. Please be informed that not all of the real needs are presented on this list.
b2b system available here: https://www.b2match.eu/autoforum2016

The following product / services are searched:

1. Engine components and their parts:
1.1. Aluminium castings
1.2. Starters
1.3. alternators
1.4. Filters: oil, fuel, air
1.5. Engine covers (plastik)
1.6. pumps: fuel, oil, water
1.7. Engine coolers
2. Chassis components and their parts
2.1. Metal parts: stamping, punching
2.2. Metal parts: stamping: holders, hook, reinforcement, brackets etc. )
3. Body panels and their parts
3.1. side moldings
3.2. mirrors
3.3. handles
3.4. wheel arches
3.5. bumpers
3.6. glass
3.7. wheels
4. Drive components and their parts
4.1. wheel bearings
4.2. Brake systems parts
4.3. clutch
4.4. joints
4.5. shafts
4.6. Suspension springs
4.7. springs
5. cab components and their parts
5.1. dashboards
5.2. dashboard indicators
5.3. cabin lighting
5.4. seats
5.5. Safety belts
5.6. Floor mats and carpets
5.7. multifunction steering wheel
5.8. door upholstery
5.9. column cover
6. Electric, electronic components and their parts
6.1. battery
6.2. lights, front / rear / flashers
6.3. Interior lighting
6.4. sprinklers
6.5. antenna
6.6. Drivers, controllers
6.7. Wipers system
6.8. radio
6.9. window lifting mechanisms
6.10 air conditioning systems
6.11. ventilator
6.12. electrical harnesses
7. Metal parts
7.1. Stamping
7.2. Punching
7.3. bearings
7.4. springs
7.5. holders, hooks, reinforcements, brackets
7.6. Fasteners
8. Plastik components
8.1. Injection
8.2. Injection rotation method
9. Rubber and rubber-metal parts
9.1. Seals, gaskets
9.2. Buffers
9.3. rubber pads
9.4. others
10. Castings
10.1. Aluminium castings
10.2. other castings
Direct materials
11. Stamping (pressed, staped parts)
12. Stamping and welding
13. Stamping with assembling
14. Fasteners (screws, nuts, rivets)
15. Springs
16. Pipes, tubes and steel profiles
17. Plastics
18. materials of textiles
19. rubber parts
20. machining
21. milling – milled parts
22. Turning – turned parts
23. materials
23.1. Steel
23.2. Aluminium
23.3. wire hardened
24. Indirect materials
24.1. automation of processes
24.2. degreasing of parts
24.3. welding electrodes
24.4. parts of ceramics
24.5. standard screws
24.6. Tool shops: various processes, products and services of tools preparation
24.7. Production tools
24.8. packaging materials
Direct materials
25. stamping parts (steel, stamping 1000T)
26. Turning, turned parts
27. milling, milled parts
26. Painting, ED Coating
27. heat treatment including induction hardening
28. Indirect materials
28.1. Tool shops: various processes, products and services of tools preparation
28.2. Production tools
28.3. Welding electrodes
28.4. welding wire
28.5. Ceramic pins
28.6. Instrumentation for welding robots
28.7. Technical gases (Argon, Co2)
28.8. facility security services
28.9. IT equipment, printers, servers
29. Special vehicle equipment
29.1. metal parts eg. bulkhead walls – MIXT type
29.2. Wood components – upholstery HDF, the floor of luggage space
29.3. Plastic parts: eg. sunroof protective elements, ventilation grilles, roof and side vents
29.4. Cab elements – bed (metal parts + upholstery)
30. Castings (non-ferrous casting and machining)
30.1. Aluminium die castings
30.2. Alloy 231
30.3. Alloy 226
30.4. Zinc Alloy
Direct materials
31. plastics parts
32. rubber parts
33. electronics
34. fabrications
35. engine components
36. composites (big parts like cabin exterior componenets)
37. Castings and machining
37.1. Aluminium casting parts.
37.2. Iron casting parts.
37.3. Machining of Aluminum casting.
37.4. Machining of cast iron parts.
38. Forging
38.1. Forging of Cast Iron parts.
39. Plastic
39.1. Plastic moulding (phenol) parts with phenol.
39.2. Overmoulding of metal.
39.3. Plastic parts injection.
Direct materials
40. aluminium pipes and blocks: cutting, bending and forming
Direct materials
41. Steel, plastics and rubber parts
41.1. wires
41.2. tubes, hoses, elbows and other (fuel, water, air)
41.3. metal washers
41.4. Bushings (sleeves)
41.5. cooling system hoses, pipes
41.6. Fasteners
41.7. Rubber and rubber metal parts
41.8. Plastic parts
41.9. magnets
41.10 sintered parts
41.11. machined parts
42. Castings
42.1. Iron castings
42.2. aluminium castings
42.3. aluminum casting and machining small 0-2kg
42.4. iron castings and machining 0,5-4 kg
43. Indirect materials, parts, services
43.1. packaging (cardboard and plastic)
43.2. milling
43.3. grinding
43.4. turning
44. Production equipment
44.1. spare parts for machines: electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic
44.2. Tools for sintering powders
44.3. instrumentation equipment: an element of the fastening system of the product in production machines, systems, systems for elements
quick fastening
44.4. maintenance service of machinery
45. Direct materials
45.1. high pressure pipes for DIESEL
45.2. Stainless steel tubes diameter: 6 x 1/8 x 1 / 8x 1.5 / 9 x 1.5
45.3. Stainless steel machined parts:
(brackets/ adapters/ Ball- type nipple/ sensor port
45.4. Cast stainless steel: bracket
45.5. copper rings of small diameter
45.6. E-PLUG, plugs with copper wires
45.7. metal fasteners, bushings, cold-rolled stainless and machining
46. InDirect materials
46.1. copper wires on a reel
46.2. packaging: palletes, plastic bags, cardboard boxes
46.3. quality services: sorting, quality control using basic tools: gauge, plugs thread, test GO / NO GO and rework basic: clean parts,
chip removal, etc.
47. Direct materials
47.1. Local supplier (production facility in Eastern Europe)
47.2. Min. 4 Million Euro Turnover in a year
47.3. Experience with other OEM as Tier 1/Tier 2 supplier
47.4. Q and R & D competence
47.5. ISO /TS certificate
1. Business talks are free of charge and do not constitute a commercial offer. They are an additional option for registered participants of the event.
2. Purchasers reserve the right choice of partners for trade talks. The earlier we are provided with your company profile, the better chance to arrange meetings.
3. Company profiles should be sent by the deadline of 24 of June 2015 and send it to us only by via e-mail.
4. The final schedule of meetings with buyers will be published 3-4 days before the event.
5. We kindly remind you that there is also a possibility of holding talks that are not scheduled, according to the individual arrangements between the involved parties.
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